Xplosive Athletics offers weekly Bible Studies every Friday at 7 pm CST as a form of training for our kids, we train students and teenagers all through the Humble Area and beyond. Our mission is to foster spiritual growth and character development in young individuals. Through our program, we witness lives being transformed, providing much-needed support and guidance. Our Bible Study equips participants with the tools necessary to navigate and thrive in anything they set their minds to.

Basketball training

Xplosive is renowned for its physical training programs and forms an integral part of our facility. To further enhance the quality of our students' training experience, we welcome contributions towards sponsoring their training, as well as providing uniforms and equipment.

Xplosive zambia

The Xplosive mission has made it all the way to the lands of Zambia Africa and this new quarter we are working towards building them their very own facility. To find out more about their story CLICK HERE.