After years of service our reach has made it all the way to the lands of Zambia, Africa; where we have over 200+ children training in faith, skill and agility and that number is literally growing every day.

Our mission in this next quarter is to raise funds for our young athletes in Zambia, Africa, and provide them with a dedicated indoor training facility to help them pursue their dreams and nurture their physical and spiritual growth. This Indoor facility will help them to do so much, from training to hosting their Bible studies and even a place for them to be able to distribute food. All ticket proceeds will go towards this cause.

Update 23'

On December 2, 2023, Xplosive Athletics launched it's very first global campaign to help boost the Zambia Project. Xplosive hosted its Inaugural Local Legends Gala, honoring the seen and unseen heroes of our local communities on the northeast side of Houston. Through Local Legends Xplosive Athletics was able to raise enough money to secure the land in Zambia Africa and here's what Zambia had to say: